Memory apparatus and data writing/reading method



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain an apparatus in which correlation between an address signal and data signal is obtained during the write operation, and during the reading operation, the predetermined data is obtained by the arithmetic operation circuit from the already obtained correlation and address signal, and during the write operation, the write data and read data by the calculation are produced by storing the correlation obtained with the arithmetic calculation circuit. SOLUTION: An address signal input by an address signal input means is then input to a buffer circuit 300 in a memory apparatus 100 to temporarily store the address signal. A data signal input from a data signal in put means is input to a buffer circuit 200 to temporarily store the data signal. A clock signal 50 generated form a clock generating circuit is input to a controller. The controller which has received this clock signal 50 generates a control signal 315 to the buffer circuit 200 and a control signal 310 to the buffer 300, respectively. The data signal temporarily stored in the buffer circuit 200 is then input to an arithmetic operation circuit when the control signal 315 is received. COPYRIGHT: (C)1998,JPO
(57)【要約】 【課題】 本発明は、演算により書き込みデータ及び読 み出しデータを生成する記憶装置を提供する事を目的と する。 【解決手段】 アドレスを入力するためのアドレス入力 手段と、データを入力するためのデータ入力手段と、前 記アドレス入力手段と前記データ入力手段とが接続され た演算回路と、前記演算回路で計算された演算結果を一 時的に記憶するための一時記憶手段と、前記一時記憶手 段に接続され、データを出力するためのデータ出力手段 とを有する。




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