Normal conduction transfer detector



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To prevent the damage due to delayed detection of abnormal state for making feasible of safety operation of superconductive coil by a method wherein the minute voltage raise of a superconductive coil is directly monitored furthermore, preceding the voltage raise, an abnormal flow rate decline in a cooling refrigerant as a direct factor of normal conduction transfer is also monitored. SOLUTION: A first detection circuit comprises a first amplifier 18 and a first compactor 19, while an orifice 11 and a flow rate measuring apparatus 12 measure the decline in the flow rate of a refrigerant to a superconductor coil 1 by the differential pressure in flow rate. A second detection circuit 15, when the super conductor coil is getting larger, monitors the heat entrance occurred in the connection part of the superconductor to be fitted to a structure. A third detection circuit 16 composed of a third amplifier 22 for amplifying the differential voltage causing in the case of thermal unbalance of the superconductor coil 1 and a third compactor 23. Furthermore, a coil quench detection circuit 13 using these circuits together improves the detection precision in the normal conduction transfer state.
(57)【要約】 【課題】重大な事故に至る可能性のある常電導転移を早 期にしかも確実に検知すること。 【解決手段】少なくとも一つの超電導コイル1と、超電 導コイル1を冷却用冷媒で冷却して超電導状態を維持す る冷却手段とからなる超電導コイルシステムに備えら れ、超電導コイル1が超電導転移の状態にあるか否かの 検知を行なう常電導転移検知装置において、超電導コイ ル1に備えられ、当該超電導コイル1の異常な電圧上昇 を検知する異常電圧上昇検知手段15と、冷却用冷媒の 流量を測定し、当該冷却用冷媒の異常な流量低下を検知 する異常冷媒流量検知手段14と、異常電圧上昇検知手 段15による検知結果と、異常冷媒流量検知手段14に よる検知結果とに基づいて、超電導コイル1が常電導転 移の状態にあるか否かを判定する判定手段17とを具備 した常電導転移検知装置。




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