Map data linkage system, and storage medium having program performing map data linkage



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To improve the link processing accuracy between map database and address database by unifying the notation methods of information on an existing address database and the map data and producing the link information to perform the association of information based on the comparison result of normalized information. SOLUTION: An external file 30 includes a disregard object character string list 31 which shows the character strings of large/small characters, etc., to be disregarded, a substitute object character string list 32 which shows the character strings to be substituted in the same meaning and unified, and an order-disregarded character string list 33 which shows the character strings that are regarded equal to each other despite their positions. A character string normalization part 110 of a character string comparison means 11 normalizes the character strings of an address database 20 storing a name/address table of customers and the map data 21 storing a building table and an address table by means of the file 30 and unifies the notation methods. A comparison part 111 compares the normalized information with each other, and a link information production means 12 produces the link information based on the comparison result of the part 111. COPYRIGHT: (C)1998,JPO
(57)【要約】 【課題】 地図データと住所データベースのリンク処理 の精度を向上すること。 【解決手段】 既存の住所データベースと地図データと を備え、それらの情報を関連付ける地図データリンケー ジシステムにおいて、前記住所データベースと地図デー タのそれぞれの情報の表記方法を統一する情報正規化手 段と、前記情報正規化手段により正規化された情報を比 較する比較手段と、前記比較手段による比較結果を基に 情報の関連付けを行うリンク情報を作成するリンク情報 作成手段とを備える。




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