Halogen range



(57)【要約】 【課題】 本発明は加熱面を平面状としたハロゲンラン プを加熱源とするハロゲンコンロに関するものであっ て、コンロを水平状態以外で使用したり、或いは加熱ト ップ面が高温状態にある時に収納しないようにする。 【解決手段】 傾斜検知センサ14で検知して傾けた状 態では加熱運転ができず、高温時に立てると警告を発し て注意を喚起する。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To prevent the excitation of halogen lamps when a range is slanted so that the range will not be used under a condition except horizontal condition by a method wherein the halogen range is provided with a temperature sensor, an inclination detecting sensor and an alarming means in the range unit of the same, immediately below a heat resistant glass and provided with the halogen lamps as a heating source. SOLUTION: A range unit 11, having two pieces of halogen lamps 10 as a heat source, is provided immediately below a heat resistant glass 9. The upper part of the range unit 11 is opened and is abutted against the heat resistant glass 9 by a spring 13 so as to be contacted closely to the heat resistant glass 9. In this case, the halogen range 8 is provided with an inclination detecting sensor 14, arranged to detect the inclination of the range 8. Upon the starting of using of the halogen range 8, the inclination detecting sensor 14 detects the slanting degree of the halogen lamps 10 whereby the halogen lamps will not be excited and heating operation can not be effected even when an operating switch is turned ON under a condition except a normal horizontal condition while retaining the heating top surface, consisting of the heat resistant glass 9 to put a heating vessel thereon, at the upper part of the range at all times.




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