Knockdown mat with tatami-mat pattern, mat for intermediate section, mat for edge and mat for corner



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To facilitate handling and provide feeling like tatami mat flooring by forming a tatami-mat pattern onto the whole surface of the sheet front surface side, sticking a cushion member onto the whole surface of a sheet rear face side and installing an assembly means to the continuous two sides of a sheet and the cushion member. SOLUTION: Tatami-mat patterns 11 are formed to a surface, and projecting sections 13 having larger width toward front end, and recessed sections 14 having larger width toward bottom, are arranged alternately in a manner that the projecting sections 13 and the recessed sections 14 can be fitted in the assembly means 12 of at least continuous two sides. The atmosphere of the tatami-mat flooring of a Japanese-style room is produced by disposing the Knockdown mat on the flooring of a house, and the projecting sections 13 and the recessed sections 14 are arranged and fitted to four corners and arbitrary size is acquired simply. A cushion member is disposed on the rear side and a feel is improved, and the built-up mat is composed only of a sheet 15, a special base fabric and the cushion member, and the weight of the mat is made lighter than a normal tatami mat. Accordingly, flameretardant, fading properties, antifungal properties and sound-absorbing properties are improved, low reflection, warmth, etc., are emitted and slipperiness is avoided, and the mat can be washed by water and can be handled easily.
(57)【要約】 【課題】フローリング上に配置して任意の大きさの畳敷 きのようにすることができ、しかも感触が良好で取り扱 いが容易であり、更に全体的に滑りを防止することが可 能な畳模様付き組立マット、中間用マット、縁用マット 及び角用マットを提供する。 【解決手段】表面に全面に亘って畳の模様11を設けた 4角形のシート15と、シート15の裏面側に全面に亘 って貼り付けたクッション部材とを有し、シート15及 びクッション部材の少なくとも連続する2辺に組立手段 12を設けたことを特徴とする。




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