Visual line detecting device



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To accurately detect the edge of a pupil using only the required minimum number of IREDs by installing a control means which moves a visual line detecting unit according to the position of a visual line detecting device, and controlling the visual line detecting unit using the control means in such a way that the unit is free to rotate relative to a finder. SOLUTION: The outer ring 101 of a rolling ball bearing is secured to the front of the finder of a camera, and the ball bearing 102 is held by a holder 104. A holder 105 for holding far infrared emitting diodes (IRED)106 is installed on an inner ring 103, and the IREDs 106 for the naked eye and for glasses are mounted on the front of the IRED holder 105. A brush 107a made of a good conductor is disposed on the back of the IRED holder 105, and the terminal of each IRED 106 is connected to the brush 107a. When the position of the camera is determined, the inner ring 103 of the rolling ball bearing is brought into contact with a brake member 111 and held in place, the IREDs 106 emit light, and an image sensor reads an image of the eyeball.
(57)【要約】 【課題】 赤外発光ダイオードを必要最小限の個数に抑 え、カメラの姿勢が縦位置においても横位置においても 正確な視線の検出が可能な視線検出装置を提供する。 【解決手段】 視線検出ユニットにおける、使用者の眼 球を照明する手段及び眼球を撮像する手段をカメラの姿 勢に応じて可動する手段を設けることにより赤外発光ダ イオードを必要最小限の個数に抑え、眼球像の正確な読 み取りを可能とする。




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