Display method for digital electronic camera and device therefor



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To easily discriminate the image data obtained after the signal processing from those obtained before the signal processing by displaying the thumbnails of both image data in different modes. SOLUTION: The thumbnail image data or the data obtained before the signal processing are outputted via the switching of a switch 110. A flag addition circuit 111 adds a signal-processed flag to the attribute information on the image data that undergone the signal processing. Based on this added flag, the data obtained after the signal processing can be discriminated from the data obtained before the signal processing. The output of the circuit 111 is recorded to a recording device 112 or outputted to an output terminal OUT. An external PC(personal computer) 113 reproduces the recorded contents of the storage 112 or directly inputs the signal received from the terminal OUT to an input terminal IN to show them on a display device 114. A CPU 115 controls every processing circuit that is contained in a camera. COPYRIGHT: (C)1998,JPO
(57)【要約】 【課題】 信号処理前後のサムネイル画像の区別を明確 に表示できる装置を提供する。 【解決手段】 デジタル画像信号を信号処理後と信号処 理前のどちらかを選択的に切り替えて記録することが可 能な電子カメラの表示方法において、信号処理後の画像 データのサムネイルをカラー表示し、信号処理前の画像 データのサムネイルを信号処理後の画像データのサムネ イル表示と異なる表示を行い、信号処理後は、信号処理 後のサムネイルと同様なカラー表示を行うことを特徴と する。




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