Tool for moving small-sized electronic components



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To carry and arrange electronic components, without damaging them by mounting a magnet on one side face of the top end of a rectangular nonmagnetic rod and nonmagnetic block on the opposite side face of the rod so that the top ends of the magnet and nonmagnetic block are in the same plane. SOLUTION: A magnet 11 and nonmagnetic block 12 are bonded to one end of a glass or nonmagnetic rod. The magnet 11 is pref. a magnetic block having a not so high magnetic force that it cannot attract electronic components apart from it but can do when contacting them. The nonmagnetic block is pref. an insulator. The top ends of the magnetic and nonmagnetic blocks 11, 12 are in the same plane and flat on the whole. The tool comes into contact with electronic components covered with a magnetic metal case. The magnet contacts the metal case to attract and moves the components in this state. The rod is tilted to the nonmagnetic block to release the magnet from the metal case. COPYRIGHT: (C)1998,JPO
(57)【要約】 【課題】 磁性体部分を有する小型電子部品の移動・整 列を容易にする。 【解決手段】 非磁性体の棒の先端に、磁石と非磁性体 部分を端面が平坦となるように配置する。先端がフラッ トにケース等の磁性体部分を有する電子部品に接触した ときには吸着し、その状態で電子部品を移動させ、電子 部品を下ろして棒を斜めに傾けると磁石部分が電子部品 と離れ、その状態で棒を引き上げる。




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