Temperature measuring instrument for soldering iron



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To precisely detect an iron tip temperature of a soldering iron and prevent a solder from being adhered to a device by disposing two different kinds of metal materials forming a thermocouple with these materials spaced with each other and bringing these different kinds of metal materials into electrical contact with each other by an iron tip. SOLUTION: A temperature measuring head is abutted with an ion tip of a soldering iron of an object to be measured and is intended for detecting a temperature thereof and comprises a pair of wire rods 6a and 6b consisting of different kind of metal materials forming a support cover 4, a wire rod expansion holder 5, and a thermocouple. The support cover 4 is provided with a leg part 4a and is removably attached to a grip part. The wire expansion holder 5 expands the wires 6a and 6b, an alloy essentially containing nickel or chrome, for example is employed for the wire 6a, and an alloy essentially containing nickel, for example, is employed for the wire 6b. This thermocouple has relatively great electromotive force and is capable of measuring a temperature stably under a temperature of 450°C or less that is an operating temperature range of the soldering iron. COPYRIGHT: (C)1998,JPO
(57)【要約】 【課題】 ハンダを付着しにくくしてこて先温度をより 正確に計測し、かつ生産ライン等における設備コストを 低減する。 【解決手段】 半田こてのこて先温度を計測する温度計 測装置であって、熱電対を形成する2つの異種金属材料 を離間して配置し、該異種金属材料をこて先によって電 気的に接触状態としてこて先温度を検出する。




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