Boiler plant



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To improve heat efficiency and save cooling water by interposing a heat exchanger on a boiler water supply system and hence exchange heat between blowdown water and condensate. SOLUTION: Impurities such as circulation water are concentrated in a vapor drum 2 in a boiler 1 so that blowdown is performed to keep quality of boiler water at a predetermined reference or lower. Blowdown water is subject to steam-water separation in a blow flash tank 5, and saturated vapor is introduced into a deaerator, etc., for heat recovery. Then, the saturated water subject to the steam-water separation in the blow flash tank 5 is introduced into a heat exchanger 6, and heat is exchanged with a condensate system at an outlet of a condensate pump 7 for heat recovery, and then drain after the heat recovery is discharged to the outside of the system. Thus, the amount of heat possessed by the blowdown water by the heat exchanger 6 and the deaerator is enough recovered for effective use in the system without requiring cooling water separately, and hence heat efficiency of a power generation plant in improved. COPYRIGHT: (C)1998,JPO
(57)【要約】 【課題】 ブローダウン系統を有するボイラプラントに おいては、系外に熱量を放出し、また別途冷却水を備え ねばならない等の無駄が目立つものであり、熱効率向上 を配慮したものの登場が求められている。本発明はこの ようなニーズに応え、熱効率の向上を意図したものを提 供することを課題とする。 【解決手段】 ブローダウン系統とボイラ給水系統を交 差させる熱交換器を設け、ブローダウン水と復水とを熱 交換させると共に、ブローダウン水から分離した蒸気を 脱気器に供給するようにしたもの。




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