Check valve device



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a check valve which does not cause dispersion in the performances of products, and eliminates the possibility of the function reducing with the lapse of time, and by which an objective liquid such as fuel does not leak even when a fuel tank is in a inverted position. SOLUTION: An upper lid body and a bottom lid body C in each of which rubber- like elastic body is loaded on nearly dish-like reinforcing ring made of magnetic material on which fluid flowing holes are drilled, are provided. By fitting the lid bodies to each other so that the rubber-like elastic bodies 8, 23 are jointed together, two chambers 30, 31 serving as fluid passages are juxtaposed in a cap body A, and permanent magnets 33, 34 are respectively arranged in the chambers so that the two fluid passages can be separately opened or closed in one direction. With these chambers, one face of one chamber is a magnetic material, on which the fluid flowing holes are drilled, and the other face on which the fluid flowing holes are drilled, facing the face above mentioned, and its circumference are surrounded with the rubber-like bodies. These permanent magnets arranged in the respective chambers can exert magnetic attraction in mutually opposite directions so that the magnet in one chamber exerts attraction to the atmospheric side K, while the magnet in the other chamber exterts attraction to the tank side T. COPYRIGHT: (C)1998,JPO
(57)【要約】 【目的】 製品間の性能のばらつきを生ぜず、時間の経 過とともに機能が低下する恐れもなく、燃料タンクが逆 置状態となっても燃料等の対象液が漏出しない逆止弁を 提供すること。 【構成】 永久磁石を備えて流体を一方向に開閉する逆 止弁装置であって、流体流通孔が穿設された磁性体製の 略皿状の補強環にゴム様弾性体が焼着された上蓋体B と 底蓋体C とを備え、該両蓋体をゴム様弾性体8 ,23を接 合せしめるように嵌合することによりキヤップ本体A 内 に二つの流体流路となる室30,31を独立状に並設し、前 記それぞれの室内に永久磁石33,34を配設して二つの流 体流路を各別に一方向に開閉できるようにし、前記それ ぞれの室は、一方の面が前記した流体流通孔が穿設され た磁性体とし、該一方の面と相対する流体流通孔が穿設 された他方の面及び周りはゴム様弾性体で囲まれるよう に構成されるとともに、前記それぞれの室に配設された 前記永久磁石が一方の室では大気側K に、他方の室では タンク側T となるように互いに相反する方向に吸・脱可 能にした。




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