Production of nickel plated steel sheet


PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To effectively evade seizure and seizure buildup in heat treatment after coating by subjecting the surface of an Ni plating layer of an Ni plated steel sheet having a specified thickness to chromate treatment and applying coating with specified Cr coating weight thereto. SOLUTION: An Ni plated steel sheet coil or steel strip having 0.1 to 20μm thickness is allowed to stay in a temp. region of 500 to 850°C for ≥20min in batch heat treating equipment or is subjected to heat treatment in continuous heat treating equipment. At this time, after Ni plating, the surface of the Ni plating layer is subjected to chromate treatment and is coated with it by 10 to 150mg/m 2 in terms of total Cr content, and after that, the above heat treatment is executed. The application of metallic Cr and Cr compounds may be executed by any of electrolytic chromate treatment and coating chromate treatment. Moreover, as for the base steel sheet, if it is only the one to be applied with Ni plating, there is no limitation in particular. In this way, seizure at the time of the batch heat treatment and pressing flaws caused by the seizure buildup of the Ni plating layer to a hearth roll at the time of the continuous heat treatment can be evaded. COPYRIGHT: (C)1998,JPO
(57)【要約】 【課題】 Niメッキ後、熱処理を施すNiメッキ鋼板 の製造方法において、バッチ熱処理時の焼付の回避ある いは連続熱処理時のNiメッキ層がハースロールに焼付 ビルトアップし押し疵となるのを回避するNiメッキ鋼 板の製造方法を提供すること。 【解決手段】 0.1〜20μm厚みのNiメッキ鋼帯 を、バッチあるいは連続熱処理設備で500℃〜850 ℃の温度域で熱処理を施すNiメッキ鋼板の製造方法に おいて、Niメッキ後、Niメッキ層上にクロメート処 理を施して総Cr量で10〜150mg/m 2 を被覆した 後、バッチ熱処理設備で熱処理を行うことを特徴とする バッチ熱処理時の焼付を回避、あるいは連続熱処理時に Niメッキ層がハースロールに焼付ビルトアップし押し 疵となるのを回避するNiメッキ鋼板の製造方法。




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