Antibacterial resin molding



(57)【要約】 【課題】耐候性、耐熱性および抗菌性能に優れる樹脂成 形体を得る。 【解決手段】樹脂100重量部に対し、銀含有無機系抗 菌剤を銀含有量が0.002〜0.008重量部となる ように配合した樹脂組成物よりなる成形体であって、該 銀含有無機系抗菌剤粒子が1平方ミリメートルあたり1 800個以上表面に存在していることを特徴とする樹脂 成形体。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain a molding made from a composition prepared by adding a specified amount of a silver-containing inorganic antibacterial agent to a resin, wherein the number of the antibacterial agent particles present on the surface is specified, being excellent in weather resistance, heat resistance and antibacterial properties and undergoing less discoloration. SOLUTION: This molding is made from a resin composition prepared by mixing 100 pts.wt. resin, desirably a polyolefin resin with 0.002-0.008 pt.wt. (in terms of the silver atom) silver-containing inorganic antibacterial agent, desirably one prepared by impregnating an inorganic compound carrier (e.g. zeolite) with desirably 2-10wt.%, particularly desirably 2-5wt.% silver and desirably having a mean particle diameter of 3μm or below and contains at least 1,800/mm<2> of antibacterial particles on the surface. Because the antibacterial agent is used in a small amount and has good dispersibility, a composition containing this agnet and a transparent resin as the base can give a resin molding having less affected transparency.




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