Work support mechanism for gear finishing work device



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To easily seal parts, and improve reliability in a gear finishing work device by constituting a work support mechanism to support a gear raw material by housing a work rotating shaft, a clutch and a work indexing motor on the same straight line in a slidingly movable cylinder. SOLUTION: A gear finishing device to perform honing by co-rotating this raw material while raising and lowering it by meshing the gear raw material with a rotating internal teeth gear-shaped grinding wheel, has a work support mechanism 40 raised and lowered by a raising-lowering means. This work support mechanism 40 is constituted in such a way that a work indexing motor 43, a coupling 44, a clutch 46 and an indexing driving shaft 47 are arranged on the same straight line in a slidingly movable cylinder 42 and a work chuck means 52 is arranged above the slidingly movable cylinder 42. The work chuck means 52 has a chuck part 61 connected through a ball 59 to a piston 58a of a cylinder 58 for a work clamp, and chucks a work W by expanding the chuck part 61 by actuation of the cylinder 58. COPYRIGHT: (C)1998,JPO
(57)【要約】 【解決手段】 回転中の内歯歯車状砥石13に、歯車素 材Wを噛み合わせ、この歯車素材Wを昇降させつつ連回 り(つれ回り)させることによりホーニング仕上げする 歯車仕上加工装置1において、ワーク回転軸49、クラ ッチ46及びワーク割出し用モータ43を同一直線上に 収納して歯車仕上加工装置1のワーク支持機構40を構 成する。 【効果】 摺動筒内にワーク回転軸、クラッチ及びワー ク割出し用モータを同一直線上に収納したので、ワーク 支持機構が機能的にまとまった構造となり、これらの部 品のシールがしやすく、歯車仕上加工装置の信頼性が向 上した。




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