Producing system



(57)【要約】 【課題】 工場の機器の挙動のシミュレーションを生産 システムの稼動時に適用し、より精度の高いシミュレー ションを実現し、生産システムの高度な運用支援を実現 にすることを目的とする。 【解決手段】 この発明にかかる生産システムは、実工 場1の実際の動作に対する情報である現実情報を取得す る結合処理部11と、この結合処理部11によって取得 された現実情報に基づいて、実工場1の動作と同期させ て実工場1の生産設備の一部或いは全ての動作を模擬す るシミュレータ6とを備えている。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To realize a simulation with high precision, and to realize a high level operation support of a producing system by executing the simulation through connection with the information on the producing system when the producing system is operated. SOLUTION: A simulator 6 updates the time in the simulator 6 synchronously with the progress of the time of an actual factory 1. Afterwards, a connection processing part 11 extracts the information of the state of the actual factory 1 from a controller 5, and when a state different from the previous state of the actual factory 1 is present, the connection processing part 11 preserves the information by relating it with a virtual objects such as virtual equipment 8 or a virtual device 9 in the simulator 6 related with the state. The simulator 6 successively selects the virtual object from amount the virtual objets in the simulator 6, and judges whether or not the sate of the actual factory 1 related with the selected virtual object is present. When it is present, the simulator 6 calculates the state of the virtual object so that it can be made coincident with the state, and updates mode data in the simulator 6 by using the calculated state as the state of the virtual object.




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