Image forming device



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To form an image having nearly the same glossiness on both surfaces of a sheet body by coating chromatic toner before fixing on the 1st surface with processing agent obtaining the glossiness nearly the same as the chromatic toner on which fixing processing is executed once when the fixing processing is executed twice on the chromatic toner. SOLUTION: In the case of forming the image on both surfaces of printing paper 101, a main control part controls the operation of an electrophotographic part so as to transfer transparent toner 103 to the chromatic toner 102 before fixing on the 1st surface of the paper 101. The paper 101 to whose 1st surface the toner 102 and 103 is transferred is fed to a fixing device, and heated and pressured so that the fixing processing is performed. Next, the paper 101 is reversed from the front surface to the back surface and only the toner 102 is transferred to the 2nd surface so as to form the color image, and is ejected after the fixing processing is executed by the fixing device. The fixing processing is executed twice on the toner 102 on the 1st surface, but the glossiness is made nearly the same as that on the 2nd surface because the toner 103 is laminated on the front surface.
(57)【要約】 【課題】 電子写真法によりシート体の両面に形成する 画像の定着回数の相違による光沢度の格差を解消する。 【解決手段】 有色トナー上で二回定着されると一回だ け定着された単体の有色トナーと光沢度が略同一となる 透明な処理剤を用意し、この処理剤を両面に画像が形成 されるシート体の第一面の定着前の有色トナー上に塗布 する。シート体の両面に画像を形成する場合、二回も定 着処理される第一面の有色トナーの光沢度を、処理剤に より一回だけ定着処理される第二面の有色トナーと略同 一にすることができる。




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